If I had a castle...

I have such a strong desire to express these fairytaley feelings inside of me. To tell stories (even though I’m not exactly sure what they are!) To bring them to life, make them real. I literally cried tears after movies like the BFG and Mary Poppins Returns because I love them so much and long to tell stories myself. But what I feel is always vague; I don’t have clarity with exactly WHAT I’m supposed to focus on and create. So most of the time I do nothing. Or I do something Disney, because its the closest I come to connecting with what’s inside of me.

I’ve been wrong many times before, but I sense my ‘If I had a Castle’ is THE thing I’m supposed to do. Or where I am supposed to start anyway.

Suddenly I have this very clear outlet for all of those feelings. A place for them to all belong. A world for me to build. Random thoughts and feelings have a home. Like I have always had this happy love for powder puffs and scented powder. It stems back to my Grandmothers. So I was able to create a fancy powder puff with a beautiful jar of scented powder and it belongs in my castle, on the vanity I know in my mind and have on my list to paint.

Every time I make beef stew I think the same thing was made in a castle many years ago, and now I painted my own iron pot and rustic bread and can imagine it in my castle kitchen. So satisfying to visually express that feeling I always get!

My love of the movie Ratatouille!!! I was able to create my own little mouse girl, put her in a red cloak, give her snacks on a silver platter.

Clawfoot tubs and chandeliers and the magical bubbles from Mary Poppins Returns! They all belong in my castle bathroom that now exists in my mind and my art and my heart. : )

Something about rabbits and blueberry bushes is in me, not sure why, but it will go on my list, because as I am walking the trail in the fairytale forest by my castle house, I will see them there. I see one little guy wearing a vest. :)

I could go on and on and on…

Already in only a few short weeks my confidence has grown. The thought of illustrating an entire book doesn’t seem so daunting. I’m excited to get up everyday and paint the next thing. Probably getting 4 to 5 hours of sleep a night but not tired one bit. Jason says the house could be on fire and I’d still sit there drawing.

I’m not exactly sure what my book will specifically be, but I believe as I keep expressing and stretching myself over these 100 days (100 day Instagram project) ideas are going to come to me and things are going to fall into place. I have found this little place that is MINE.

Jason showed me this video of the LCD Soundsystem guy. I don’t listen to the music but I loved the video and it stuck with me. He wasn’t having success, but he created a song that he just KNEW was it. No one else was really with him on it, I think maybe one person. People acted like it was bad, but he just knew it! And he was right. It was the song that brought them true success. I think of that video every once in a while and I think someday I’m going to come up with something that I will just know, and I will have the drive to work and follow through on it.

I feel like this is it. I’ve said that before. I could feel embarrassed of this blog 6 months from now and be back to doing nothing. But I don’t think so. This is my niche. It’s specifically what’s been inside of me wanting to come out for all of my life. Just sweet, happy, fairytaley, magical, special things. Right now they’re just snippets, but I’m moving forward creating one day at a time and know more will come.

Thankful for this fun gift God has given me and pray for direction along the way. :)

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