Hi there! I'm Jenni. I have a great love of children's literature that stems from my own favorites and the stories that have influenced me. The loving atmosphere of the Berenstain Bears. The little animals going about their business in the houses and cars of Richard Scarry. Fairy tales are always a favorite, from Sleeping Beauty to Harry Potter. The bravery and dungeons in the Tale of Despereaux. These are the stories that warm my heart and light the passion inside of me to create my own.

I graduated from the College for Creative Studies with a Bachelor in Fine Arts and went on to spend my career in Advertising. I am working to transition into writing and illustrating Children's Literature so that I may join the storytellers in leaving impressions on other little hearts!

I live with my husband, our 10 year old and our 4 lb. Pomeranian Milton in the closest I could find to an ivy-covered English cottage. I love covering the walls in murals like Rapunzel and I thank God for my talents and all that I have!

You can contact me here. I look forward to hearing from you.